Month: September 2019

Tomb of Annihilation Giveaway!

We are doing a giveaway for a copy of Tomb of Annihilation campaign book for D&D 5E and a dice set! You can enter below for as many entries as you want! We will only ship to within the United States. Good luck to everybody!

GS #24 Remakes

We talk about some of the good and bad movie remakes.  We also name some movies that should and shouldn’t get a remake. Nobody should remake The Princess Bride!  Spotlight:  The Geek Swarm YouTube  Crit Squad Skinny Minis Kickstarter

GS #21 A Good D&D Movie

Bernie asked if there could be a good D&D movie. In this episode we talk about what you would need to make a good D&D movie.  We also played the game Heist from University Games and give our thoughts on the game.  Check out more about Heist here. Thank you for listening.